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The International Communications Administrator is responsible for the proper facilitation of Made in Hokkaido’s operations within a foreign country or territory. Made in Hokkaido is hiring the International Communications Administrator to ensure that communication with the international market is properly maintained and that these operations go smoothly for collaboration in the Japanese market.


Duties and Responsibilities


·         The main role of the International Communications Administrator is to facilitate contact between international clients and Made in Hokkaido.

·         Assist in communicating the aims, goals and ideals of Made in Hokkaido to potential overseas collaborators.

·         Work and communicate within a small but dynamic team ensuring that all tasks are completed and problems openly communicated.

·         Provide document and interpersonal translation.


Required Skills


·         High level English and Japanese language fluency

·         Conversational level Italian or Spanish

·         Excellent communication and interpersonal skills

·         A high level of computer literacy

·         Advanced skills in Word and Excel. Familiarity with Illustrator and InDesign is an advantage.


Contracts, Salary and Benefits


·         The initial offer is for a one year contract, further extensions to the agreement are negotiable.

·         Existing experience will influence the remuneration package, we also offer generous performance based bonuses.




·         Qualifications: A university degree or equivalent level in a Management Education system is mandatory for this position.

·         Work Experience: candidates with at least 5 years working experience in a similar position or related field will be given priority, however less experienced people with the necessary skill set are encouraged to apply. 

·         A valid Japanese or international driver’s license.


The successful candidate will need to be able to cope with varied, fast paced activities and coordinate multiple tasks while ensuring consistency, dependability and timeliness.

We need our team members to meet deadlines while maintaining high standards in all aspects of their work and to always strive to go above and beyond what is required.



International Communications Administrat
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